USB WiFi Adapter

Here’s a link to the USB WiFi adapter I used while testing HSMM-Pi.  The adapter uses the Ralink 5370 chipset and is supported out-of-the-box on the Raspbian Wheezy 2013-05-25 release.  I plan on testing it with a high-gain directional antenna soon, and will post a follow-up with my findings.



HSMM-Pi Node

Here’s a photo of what a typical HSMM-Pi mesh node looks like (while resting on my garage floor):


If the node were configured as an internal mesh node, then the wired Ethernet port on the Pi would be connected to a switch linking it with computers, or to a single computer via an Ethernet crossover cable. Those computers would then be able to access the mesh and the Internet through a mesh gateway, if one exists.

If the node were configured as a mesh gateway, then the wired Ethernet port would be connected to a switch that links it to a network with Internet access. For instance, I would connect the Pi to a switch port on my home Internet router. The router would issue the Pi a DHCP lease that enables the Pi to route traffic through the router and onto the Internet. The Pi will then bridge the wireless mesh network to the wired network.

HSMM-Pi is available now!

The HSMM-Pi project is now available for download from the Github project:

I have finished the core set of features, namely the creation of mesh gateway and internal mesh nodes.  I’ll soon post some photos and videos showing my own mesh setup.  In the meantime, you can view a screencast showing the different areas of the HSMM-Pi administration web app: