Demo at the East Bay Mini Maker Faire

I will be hosting an HSMM-Pi booth at the East Bay Mini Maker Faire in Oakland, California on October 20, 2013.  The event is associated with Make magazine, and will be a smaller regional version of the grandaddy Maker Faire held in San Mateo, California each year.  I plan on producing a field demo video that can played on loop on a display in the booth.  I’ll also have some HSMM-Pi nodes and large 15 dbi omnidirectional antennas present for visual effect.  This is a great opportunity to introduce HSMM mesh networking to a lot of people who might still think of HAM radio as being just CW & phone.

Are there any aspects of HSMM mesh networking that you think would be helpful to share with the general public (not necessarily just HAMs)?


5 thoughts on “Demo at the East Bay Mini Maker Faire

  1. You might consider being able to show video and audio transmissions, and drive home the point that it can be done wirelessly, on the fly, with no Internet or cell service operational.

    Perhaps a cheap Grandstream IP phone on each side of a link and an Asterisk server running on a Pi?

    I think the key point to be made is that this can be done with high-gain antennas over much longer distances than normal Part 15 operations, and that it’s mesh networking that reconfigures automatically when a node joins or leaves.

    Just spitballin’.

    73, K0RUS

  2. I think that’s great! And I agree that you ought to set up some live video, and some other tech like phones to give the full effect. Luckily most of the maker crowd will “get it”. I have the hardest time explaining to people outside a very small group why this is interesting!

  3. Thanks Drew & K0RUS, great suggestions! I will definitely have a live video stream running during the demo. I don’t have any experience with Asterisk, although it’s one of those tools that I’ve long wanted to experiment with. Running a VOIP PBX on a Raspberry Pi sounds pretty awesome! Thanks again,

    –Scott Kidder/KK6DCI

  4. I experimented a little with 3cx also, which is free to download, and runs on windows. It is a really simple pbx to set up and use, and also has a desktop softphone which can do video conferencing. Take a look at that one .. you can have it working in an hour.

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