Feature Requests

I’ve received a lot of great requests for features and feedback from folks posting comments to this blog – thank you so much!  There’s also an Issues area of the project on Github where you can post feature requests or defects.  Please create an issue whenever you find a problem with the project or have an idea for how it can be improved.  There are so many great ways that we can make HSMM-Pi ever better!


2 thoughts on “Feature Requests

  1. I just discovered the work you’ve done. I a fellow ham in Berkeley/ San Jose. Im conected with UCB’s Radio club, were interest is growing to biuld mesh nodes. In the mean time i ve been expeimenting for over 10 years with WIFI. This Code helps a lot, as that I was looking for a way to install mesh on top of the APRS server running on my RPi, this should do it. My plan is to configure 2 WAN, 1 being the Ethernet port and second being a USB Wimax dongle. I have a good roof top location in Berkeley.

    73 Kj6dzb Mathison

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