Tested with Raspbian Wheezy 2013-09-10, OK

This evening I created a new HSMM-Pi node with the latest Raspbian Wheezy build dated 2013-09-10.  I installed HSMM-Pi v0.3.0 without any issues.  As always, please file any issues in the Issues area of the Github project.  Thanks all!


6 thoughts on “Tested with Raspbian Wheezy 2013-09-10, OK

    • Hi Dan,

      I’ve not tried NOOBS, but from I’ve read it should work fine so long as you’re using NOOBS to install Raspbian. Once Raspbian is in place you’ll be able to install and use HSMM-PI as documented in the project instructions. Please let me know how it works out if you end up using NOOBS. Best of luck!

  1. Hi Scott,

    No issues using a Noob’d SD card.

    But a few newbie questions:
    The only thing I changed from v0.3.0 was the SSID (to BroadbandHamnet-v1). I then rebooted. Could not refresh the admin page. Went back to logging in with ‘pi’ account. Prompt now shows “pi@UNDEF-1 ^ $”. What’s the command to run HSMM-Pi on the Raspberry?

    Is there a way to get back to admin webpage automatically upon reboot? Put it automatically in node mode?

    Do I need GPS if all I want to do is connect to another BroadHamnet-v1 node?


  2. Scott,
    Still not able to get back to the Admin page after initial changes of the SSID, Call Sign (only). “Restarting Interface: wlan0” failure on reboot. Installing v0.3.0. (Is there a discussion group for help?)

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