Mesh Connectivity LED

There’s a recently added issue on the Github project requesting the ability to display mesh connection status on an LED or other visual indicator.  I’ve been wanting to add such a feature for a while now, and today I had some time to knock it out.  I wrote a PHP script that retrieves the OLSRD neighbors list, checks them using ping, and then updates the color on a BlinkM module to indicate the number of active neighboring nodes.   Because the script is not directly related to HSMM-Pi, I placed it in a separate Github repository of its own: olsrd-blinkm

Here are a few photos showing the Blinkm in a green state (e.g. 2 or more active neighbors):




6 thoughts on “Mesh Connectivity LED

    • Hi Ricardo, I haven’t tested out any 2.4 GHz amplifiers yet, but 8 watts is pretty big! I recommend testing your setup with stock wireless adapters before getting heavily invested in amplifiers, but I’ll certainly spend some time looking into the specs of the amp you linked to!


      Scott Kidder/KK6DCI

  1. I have had some real success with making improvements in the antennas instead of adding power. Learned a lot along the way too.

  2. Hi,

    Is this software compatable with the BroadbandHamnet setup that runs on the LinkSys and Ubiquiti routers etc?
    I’ve installed HSMM-PI on an MK808 mini-pc which seems to be running OK, i can ping other nodes but the other nodes do not appear in the mesh list and HSMM-PI is not seen on the other nodes mesh list either.

    Any comment?


  3. Scott,
    I am enjoying what you are doing with HSMM-Pi. I got my HSMM-Pi up and running today, thanks to your youtube videos. I am looking forward to doing a lot more with the Pi and HSMM. The most code I have is HTML and that was back a long time ago. Nothing in the way of C or Python. Its a big learning disaster!
    Your status light project is great. I was wondering if there was a way of using a digital readout like

    Look forward to seeing more of your projects on youtube.

    Take Care,

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