The HSMM-Pi project provides an easy way to transform a Raspberry Pi equipped with a USB wifi adapter into a wireless mesh node. The High-Speed Multimedia (HSMM) system is open to licensed amateur radio (HAM) operators. HSMM mesh nodes are different from other mesh nodes in that they can be operated at much higher power and with larger antenna structures.  The HSMM-Pi project was created by Scott Kidder/KK6DCI in 2013 as a way to bring HSMM to additional platforms.


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  1. Have you looked into using Athros based cards?
    The Alfa cards are 1-2Watts in power and are based on Atheros, some driver modifications are floating around that could allow us to run mesh nodes entirely in the part97 band elimination part15 interference (at least reducing it) and preventing part15 users from seeing the network in their own scans.

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